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Chengdu --Atlanta/Fulton/Georgia Giant Panda Arts Festival and Business Forum


September 6-9 2007, Atlanta, Georgia


In Celebration of the Birthday of Atlanta's Baby Panda, Mei Lan!





An Atlanta-Chengdu Gala A Cultural Evening of Dance and Music

*The First Giant Panda Arts Festival, Hosted by Both the USA and China
*Proudly Present the Diverse Culture of the Hometown of the Pandas
*Powerful, Colorful, Exquisite, Spectacular

More than 30 professional dancers and musicians from Chengdu, Sichuan! Don't miss this authentic cultural experience from the panda's hometown!

Time: Sept. 7th & 9th 2007, 7:30 pm Place:  Georgia Tech Ferst Center for the Arts
Tickets: VIP$50; $25; $18; $10(student) Web:

Ticket Box at Ferst Center: 404-894-9600

Tel: 678-999-8324, 404-444-1372



1. Ancient Chengdu

2. Ancient Chengdu

3. Opera Dance

4. Opera Dance

5. Acrobatic

6. Shadow Show

7. Face Change

8. Fan Dance

9. Song of Kangding


Picture one and two:   Dance: Evening in the Ancient Palace  Chengdu is a city steeped in history—every cobbled street, every crowded alleyway, is witness to the city’s more than three thousand years of history. This dance celebrates Chengdu’s heritage, taking the audience thousands of years into the past. Based on murals found from ancient tombs around the city, the dancers represent an authentic part of Chengdu’s past.

Picture Three and Four: Dance: Pretty Huadan Huada are the pretty, lovely naughty girl in Sichuan Opera. The dance, with Sichuan features, combines Chinese dance skills with the art of Sichuan Opera. It frees classical choreograph to make dance itself different from the others. Its strongly accented sound of Gongs and drums, beautiful historical drama costume, clear and lively melody, as well as the dances’ beautiful postures and movements replicate the charm of songs and dances of Chengdu style and character of the lively pretty Sichuan girls. 

Picture Five: Acrobatics: Roller Skating On November, 2006, the program won the first Prize of Bashu Literature and Art at Sichuan Acrobatic Contest. Two girls in roller skates give breathtaking and stimulating Performance. There are many difficult movements, such as lifting up , whirling, flying-swallow, shutting back and forth among vases, rolling in the air, etc. It shows the girls’ beauty of graceful figures. 

Picture six: Finger shadow show: In the Moment This is amazing! The finger master is one of the best in China. She uses her two dexterous hands to make hundreds of life-like and stunning shadow puppets. 

Picture Seven: Sichuan Opera: Fire-eat and Face Change A must see during any visit to Sichuan—luckily, though, we’ve brought it to you! This opera performer is specially trained in the age-old craft of fire eating and face changing. He can change elaborate designs in the masks he wears in split seconds, between turns and miniscule movements.  

Picture Eight: Dance: Tradition Chinese Fan Dance The fan is an integral part of Chinese tradition. Used in all levels of society, the fan has found a permanent place in Chinese dance. These performers are particularly versatile in their mastery of Chinese fan dancing.  

Picture Nine Dance: Love song from Kanding. Kanding is a county in Sichuan province with a very large population of Tibetans. This song and dance presents their significant culture. It describes both love and life on the sweeping Tibetan plateau. It is an ode to sunny days, mountain winds, and grazing cattle. It is a song about happiness.


The Schedule of Chengdu Atlanta/Fulton/Georgia Giant Panda Arts Festival and Business Forum





Thursday Sept. 6, 2007


11:00 am

Leaders from both sides cut the ribbon at the opening ceremony. Invitee news press Exhibition Open; TV Program Open.

Zoo Atlanta

12:30 pm

Lunch Reception

Zoo Atlanta

2:00 pm

Program ends      

Friday Sept. 7, 2007

8:00 am -12:00 pm 

Atlanta/ Fulton/ Georgia—Chengdu Business Forum

World Trade Center-Atlanta 303 Peachtree Street NE, Atlanta Georgia 30308 404-813-6670

1:00-4:00 pm

Chengdu Tour Presentation

10:00am - 3:00 pm

Cultural Experience and exhibition, day time shows

Zoo Atlanta  Corner of the Panda house

7:30 pm

An Atlanta-Chengdu Gala Professional Musicians; Dancers  & Folk Artists from Atlanta and Chengdu

Georgia Tech Ferst Center for the Arts


Saturday Sept. 8, 2007


10:00 am -3:00 pm  


Cultural Experience and exhibition, day time shows

Zoo Atlanta  Corner of the Panda house

Sunday Sept. 9, 2007

10:00 am -3:00 pm

Cultural Experience and exhibition, day time shows

Zoo Atlanta  Corner of the Panda house

7:30 pm

An Atlanta-Chengdu Gala Professional Musicians; Dancers  & Folk Artists from Atlanta and Chengdu

Georgia Tech Ferst Center for the Arts

Business Forum Invitation

Greetings from the US-China Cultural & Educational Foundation, we invite you to the first Chengdu – Atlanta/Fulton/Georgia Business Forum a free business forum at the Atlanta World Trade Center on September 7. Chinese companies from Chengdu the capital of China’s most populous province wishes to do business with your company. Joint ventures and other business opportunities abound. Refreshments will be served. There is no charge for the event. If you wish to present your company, there is a $500 charge for 10 minutes. Sponsorship opportunities are still available. This is advertising money well spent. These companies have come half way around the world just to meet you face to face. Of particular interest to the Chinese delegation are businesses involved with:

  • Tourism
  • International Trade
  • Construction
  • Real Estate Development
  • Government
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • All interested in doing any kind of business in China

All affiliated businesses such as:                     

  • Information Technology
  • Legal Services
  • Chambers of Commerce

Sponsorships starting at $500 are still available. Contact


Major Sponsors:


Sponsored by:

The City of Atlanta                                       

Fulton County Commission        

Chengdu Municipal People’s Government, P.R. China                      

Chengdu Association for Culture Exchanges with Foreign Countries   

Fulton County Arts Council

Renaissance Concourse Hotel

Zoo Atlanta

Arcom Group, Inc      

K. Lee Foundation.       

J&J Entertainment Foundation, Inc.

Metropolitan Atlanta Chamber of Commerce          

Georgia Tech Chinese Friendship Association 

Hunton & Williams LLP  

Hangzhou Arcom Investment and Consulting Company

Co-Sponsored by:

Morris, Manning & Martin, LLP/Tim Tingkang Xia, Esq.

National Association of Chinese-Americans

Chengdu Municipal Investment Promotion Commission

Chengdu Municipal Foreign Affair Office   

Chengdu Culture & Tourism Development Group

Chinese American Cultural Performing Group

Georgia Commission on Women         

World Trade Center- Atlanta       

Georgia Tourism Foundation 

Grand Buffet         

Atlanta Sichuan Association  

Families with Children from China-Atlanta 

Duowei Times              

Atlanta Chinese News


Hosted by: US-China Cultural & Educational Foundation