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  Energy Management

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Arcom Group is an Atlanta based energy management firm that has been in business since 1989 providing services with an intense "focus on excellence". Supported by highly experienced professionals, Arcom Group delivers on their promises to both emerging and mature companies. We provide proven conservation methods, techniques, technologies and treatments to customers attempting to combat the increasing cost of electrical energy. Our concentrated approach to your facility’s electrical distribution system drives improved efficiency and reliability resulting in immediate savings up to 30%, with and average ROI of 30%.

Arcom Group works to identify your facilities energy inefficiencies and calculate the sum of the individual contributing loss components then provides the corrective measures to average wattage loss. Our energy conservation solutions are totally passive measures. This means that no changes are required in your existing environment or use with your current to your existing systems. Also, our solutions are applied at the point of energy distribution, which means that any existing energy saving devices that may be installed internally to your facility will remain untouched and continue to be operational. Periodic audits are done of your electric bill to ensure that you are reaping the benefits that we promised.

To help us custom design your electrical system energy savings application we first do an energy audit.  Please have your electrician fill out the forms or contact us gthompson@arcomgroup.net and we will do it for you. It is essential that the form be correctly filled out to provide the maximum savings off your electrical utility bills.

Arcom Group, Inc. also develops customized Strategic Energy Plans to help our clients improve their business performance and and give them a competitive edge.

Methodology and Capabilities:

  • Perform electrical energy audits of the facility including a bill analysis  
  • Produce  detailed Strategic Energy Plan
  • Energy conservation system design
  • Proposal of energy conservation system
  • Implementation of energy conservation system solution
  • Quarterly verification of energy savings

In our interaction with you we:

  • Explain our observations, citing all raw test data and conclusions
  • Discuss the points of efficiency and inefficiency we discover
  • Quantify the cost of discovered inefficiencies
  • Offer corrective measures for the inefficiencies
  • Quote one-time and ongoing services to correct the inefficiencies
  • Wrap these corrective measures within a Strategic Energy Plan that applies to all utilities

Key Benefits:

  • Know how your facility's energy is being used
  • Identify areas where maximum conservation systems may be applied  
  • Saves energy and helps to conserve the environment
Download Energy Audit Spread Sheet

Reference Accounts:

Injection Molding Plant :“When we first evaluated your system, our monthly electricity cost was averaging about $100,000. We implemented your system and our monthly cost immediately fell into the low $70,000 range. Since then, we have reconfigured our plant twice, both times utilizing your products to treat the combined $15 million in new equipment. Despite the substantial increase in electrical load, our monthly electricity cost has just grown to again be at the $100,000 level. And, our motor and lighting maintenance continue to be greatly reduced as well.”

Heavy Industrial Assembly Plant  “Unbelievable! You guaranteed a savings of 11.68% per month, which we felt was extremely aggressive. Well, after several months of tracking, the actual results are 27.6%. This will lower our. payback and increase our R.0.I. by over 50%. Not only are your results dramatic, but our lighting has improved along with less equipment mainte­nance. No business should be without your sys­tem. We also want to thank you for the profes­sional approach of your surveyors and installers. They worked completely around our business.”

Commercial Retail Facility   “Taking into account the fact that we have had two price increases - one of 4% and one of 7% - we are averaging savings of 19% per month. May we take this opportunity to thank you for your profes­sional and efficient completion of this project as well as for the advice and help you have given us on other problems we are experiencing in our store.”

General Hospital    “When we were first approached by your compa­ny, we were a little hesitant about installing your energy conservation system because it looked almost too good to be true, but we were impressed with your proposal and savings guar­antee. I am pleased to say that after ten years of operation, this energy system still maintains a 16% savings. Because of the critical environment that exists in a hospital, any degradation in the quality of lighting, systems performance or envi­ronmental conditions would be absolutely unac­ceptable - another concern we had initially. We are very pleased that your system has never adversely affected our equipment or the operation of our business in any way - the only way we can detect its presence is by the savings on our monthly electric bills. We were wise in choosing your energy system to reduce our energy bills.”

Property Management Corporation  “We contracted with you to install an energy sav­ings system in one of our larger office buildings. The installation has been in place for a year and the electric utility bill for this location has decreased by over $90,000 from the base year.


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