Arcom Group, Inc. blends international business and culture in its own unique way. Promoting international business and cross-cultural expressions throughout Asia, the Americas, the Caribbean and Africa.

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  • Strategic Energy Planning
  • Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation Consultation
  • Consulting services incorporating international business and cross cultural expertise
  • Information Technology
  • Architectural Design

Strategic Energy Planning - Energy Management

Arcom Group, Inc. develops a high level strategic energy plan for your establishment. This strategic plan utilizes a systematic process driven approach on five key focus areas. Within that strategic energy plan Arcom Group designs detailed custom energy conservation systems to reduce energy consumption and lower electricity bills. On average these systems pay for themselves in two to four years.  We do this by analyzing the energy use and applying proven technology including applicable renewable energy technology.

Our customers realize numerous benefits:

  • A Strategic Energy Plan for improved business performance and competitive edge
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Reduced costs
  • A more environmentally friendly business operation

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Information Technology

We design, develop, maintain and manage the software end of your IT environment. Our specialties are:

  • Web site
    • Turnkey simplicity
    • Design, development, testing, maintenance
    • Search engine optimization
    • Email maintenance
    • Web modifications and conversion
    • Register domain name
  • Mainframe systems analysis, design and programming


Architectural Design

Arcom Group, Inc. has been in the architectural design field since 1989. We specialize in thinking "outside the box" with a special emphasis on energy conservation. Our specialties include:

  • Space Planning and Interior Design.
  • Residential Design and Construction Project Management
  • Facilities and Property Management

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