Arcom Group, Inc. blends international business and culture in its own unique way. Promoting international business and cross-cultural expressions throughout Asia, the Americas, the Caribbean and Africa.
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China is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. It would be clever to seek opportunities to partake in this phenomenal growth. In conjunction with our partners in China we offer you opportunities to find your next best Chinese and indeed Asian business partner.

Pictures of Chengdu - Atlanta business

exchange hosted by Glendon Thompson



Understanding Chinese culture is an invaluable tool in securing business success in this ancient land. China represents over 5000 years of exquisite culture. This fascinating, mysterious culture has captured the heart of many a westerner. 

Chengdu-Atlanta cultural

exchange co-hosted by Arcom Group


These bridges provide opportunities to satisfy the need for your organizationís growth in the fast growing economy of China.